Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Many of us have artwork in this community exhibit at Village Artisans, a co-op in Yellow Springs.  Please come down to see the show and attend the opening if you'd like to meet the artists.  There will be wine, hors d'oevres....and chocolate!  of course....

Monday, August 4, 2014

Reflecting on our Future and Past

We met today - August 4 - to paint, sew, sketch....and to plan for a future show.   9 people came today and we will have others rejoin us once school starts and their kiddos are back in class

We will have an exhibit at the Yellow Springs Arts Council in July 2015.  The gallery is situated on Corry St, beside 'Would You, Could You' and is open W-Sun 1-4pm.

We've decided on the title "Reflections" at the suggestion of Mary C.  "Reflections" can be interpreted literally - an artist's representation of water reflections - or it can be widened.  Our show will reflect 'our individuality through our art.'  Our group works in a wide variety of mediums and we inspire each other to stretch our wings, to teach and help others express themselves artistically.  Many of us will teach mini workshops during the

We also discussed our beginnings...we first started meeting in each others homes or at local places to paint/create.  Sue R. introduced the concept of 'A Drawing a Day' to help us incorporate art more fully into our lives.  This led us to each put more thought, effort and creativity into our art.  Many of us began for the first time, to consider ourselves to be artists.  We collectively think this was 2008 or so.  We've continued to meet, to do group art shows, to help others learn to keep art in their lives.  We now meet at the First Presbyterian Church on Xenia Ave. in Yellow Springs - generally the first Monday (except holidays - 2nd Monday) from 9:30 - Noon.   Come on down with your art materials and creative spirit!.

                 Here is a delightful little dog by Peter Clark - your art fun for the day......

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Good Day all....  

Hopefully you can come paint, create, discuss art this coming Monday, Feb 3....9:30-noon.  I will bring this canvas (which isn't actually curved as in the picture!).  It is a garden - waiting for more flowers that people will create in honor of a loved one who has or is fighting cancer....   Flowers can be about 3x3 or 4x4 inches - I originally said 3x3 but it's probably best for there to be a variety of sizes.  If you would like, you may include a name on your flower and a note about it that I'll put into a notebook to accompany the canvas.  It will hopefully go to the Children's Medical Center or a similar place to bring joy to children or others who are suffering.

It is in tribute to my sister-in-law Vanessa who was a light to all and asked me to 'pay it forward'.

Garden canvas ready for your flower...