Monday, May 1, 2017

Painted Rocks from many brushes

We painted rocks this month (and last month) to place around town with the hope that they will lift the spirits of those that find them, bring a smile, perhaps inspire someone to create.  We enjoyed learning about this project from Ron.  There are many subjects on the rocks - small scenes, flowers, stripes, children, etc.  Here are a few of them!   Several have already migrated to town or there-abouts.
    The original project started in Cleveland to commemorate a beloved child with joy instead of sorrow.  Friends who are artists here in YS are making them as a response to surviving cancer....people create for many reasons.   I hope you'll make one and spread the smiles!

   Come some first monday and join the fun/bring your creative spirit and supplies to First Presbyterian from 9:30 til about noon.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Sunflower Paint-out at TLT

We gathered several times to paint and sketch the glorious blooms at the Sunflower Fields of TLT!  It is so much fun to paint with like-minded people - seeking to capture the fleeting beauty

Thursday, November 5, 2015

December Paint Lunch!

Come to Libbys' house for the December meeting!  Bring your art materials and anything you want to share art-wise.  Bring a dish to share - something healthy and savory!  

RSVP Libby : )   Thanks!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

'Reflections' Art Exhibit at Yellow Springs Arts Council

Reflections - Monday Morning Artist 

July 17 through Auust 16, 2015 at YSAC

Stop by the YS Library for a view of our 'process of creation' during the month of June in the entry window.

July 17 - August 16, Monday Morning Artists will host an opening of our exhibit Reflections at the Yellow Springs Art Council on Corry St. in Yellow Springs.  Wine/Snacks/Meet the artists
     Live music with Gabriel and Peter Day and Danny Grote...playing 6:30-8pm.
AND...Sign up for a class with one or more of the Artists! See below...

   We work in many mediums - fabric, embroidery, clay, colored pencil, watercolor, pastel, ink, glass, and... so you can expect a wonderful variety of artistry.

The gallery is open Wednesday through Sundays, 1-4pm.  We will host the gallery on Saturdays.  Many of us will teach a mini-workshop at 2pm during our stay.... see below.

Classes Max 10 people per class - They will start at 2pm and run about an hour or so.  They are $12pp (except the children's class which is $2 pp donation).  Materials are provided.  If you want to bring your own materials, please do.   The classes are held in the workspace at the Arts Council, down the stairs to the right.  The children's class will be held in the gallery.

Sign up at YSAC at the gallery during the opening or with the individual artists!

July 18 -             Libby Rudolf                 Paint People in Watercolor       
                  Come learn some tips and tricks of watercolor painting - paint a small portrait to take home.   Yes - you can paint people! or 767-1068
Beach Scene - WC

July 25 -            Sandy Kinnamon     Watercolor Magic
                  Paint with Sandy and learn some of the methods she uses to achieve beauty in wc. You will take home a small painting. This is a fun class.  937-543-9990

August 1 -         Mary Cargan      Drawing What is Not There - The Importance of   Negative Space.

The workshop includes activities to train our eyes to look for spaces around the object we are drawing. Negative space is defined as the empty space between distinct forms.  As artists drawing these negative shapes correctly is as important as the positive forms. The workshop will be on Sunday, August 1, at the Yellow Springs Art Council  Gallery beginning at 2:00 and will last one hour. All materials are provided. The cost of $12 includes copying, materials, and a donation to the Art Council.  The class size is limited to 6 people.  or 937-319-6191

August 8 -        Clara Rose              Finger Knitting for Children  ($2 donation)
                  Clara Rose will teach kids how to finger knit at a table in the gallery- come have fun with yarn and learn to make colorful pieces of art with yarn!

August 15 -    Misuk Goltz - "No Fear on Yupo".  Max 10, $12 pp, bring your pallatte and brushes if you have them.
This workshop will give you a good understanding of painting on Yupo paper, a non porous synthetic paper. There are myths (fears)  floating around about how hard or tricky Yupo painting is. However, there is a bright side to this medium as well.  I will introduce some techniques that will ease your mind about Yupo and may help you to get involved with this unique way of painting.  I will provide Yupo paper, some brushes and paints.  Please bring your watercolor paints and palette if you have them.

Sign up. or 937-352-6711 or 937-470-9621

The gallery is open...1-4pm    Last chance to see the show!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Meet to Create, paint and converse about Art - Monday 3/2

Come one, come all - we bring our materials and artistic spirit to the table and hopefully inspire each other to continue the quest to make art in whatever form we choose.  I will bring the paintings I made while on vacation and maybe we'll feel a tiny bit warmer, even if we are still in deep freeze here in Ohio!

We will also discuss our upcoming show at the Yellow Springs Arts Council - in July - 'Reflections'.  Mary came up with this theme and we think it will result in a wonderful exhibit.  It can be interpreted in so many ways, literal or figuratively.  If you have finished a piece, bring it along to share.

Here is an art installation by children of St Croix in the Agriculture Fair about bees and helping them thrive....

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Many of us have artwork in this community exhibit at Village Artisans, a co-op in Yellow Springs.  Please come down to see the show and attend the opening if you'd like to meet the artists.  There will be wine, hors d'oevres....and chocolate!  of course....

Monday, August 4, 2014

Reflecting on our Future and Past

We met today - August 4 - to paint, sew, sketch....and to plan for a future show.   9 people came today and we will have others rejoin us once school starts and their kiddos are back in class

We will have an exhibit at the Yellow Springs Arts Council in July 2015.  The gallery is situated on Corry St, beside 'Would You, Could You' and is open W-Sun 1-4pm.

We've decided on the title "Reflections" at the suggestion of Mary C.  "Reflections" can be interpreted literally - an artist's representation of water reflections - or it can be widened.  Our show will reflect 'our individuality through our art.'  Our group works in a wide variety of mediums and we inspire each other to stretch our wings, to teach and help others express themselves artistically.  Many of us will teach mini workshops during the

We also discussed our beginnings...we first started meeting in each others homes or at local places to paint/create.  Sue R. introduced the concept of 'A Drawing a Day' to help us incorporate art more fully into our lives.  This led us to each put more thought, effort and creativity into our art.  Many of us began for the first time, to consider ourselves to be artists.  We collectively think this was 2008 or so.  We've continued to meet, to do group art shows, to help others learn to keep art in their lives.  We now meet at the First Presbyterian Church on Xenia Ave. in Yellow Springs - generally the first Monday (except holidays - 2nd Monday) from 9:30 - Noon.   Come on down with your art materials and creative spirit!.

                 Here is a delightful little dog by Peter Clark - your art fun for the day......