Monday, May 1, 2017

Painted Rocks from many brushes

We painted rocks this month (and last month) to place around town with the hope that they will lift the spirits of those that find them, bring a smile, perhaps inspire someone to create.  We enjoyed learning about this project from Ron.  There are many subjects on the rocks - small scenes, flowers, stripes, children, etc.  Here are a few of them!   Several have already migrated to town or there-abouts.
    The original project started in Cleveland to commemorate a beloved child with joy instead of sorrow.  Friends who are artists here in YS are making them as a response to surviving cancer....people create for many reasons.   I hope you'll make one and spread the smiles!

   Come some first monday and join the fun/bring your creative spirit and supplies to First Presbyterian from 9:30 til about noon.

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