Thursday, May 3, 2012

YSAC - Come Create n Chat about our show

We meet this coming Monday, May 7 to paint/sew/draw, etc for awhile.  We will then discuss our upcoming show and fill in the required saturdays, etc that YSAC requires of us. 

If you are motivated, you can put together a workshop to offer to the public during your saturday stint too...  or, hmmmm, maybe even during the opening?  You can determine the charge for your materials, whether people need to sign up in advance.  If we get your info soon enough, YSAC will help promote it too!  Please check out the Exuberence page because I posted a few paintings.

HEY - check out our new logo - like it?  I couldn't figure out how to make the letters behave properly but I kind of like the querkiness of upside down and backwards letters...xoxL

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  1. Well, lots of you sent emails saying you like the! I'm looking forward to all the workshops too....what an active group of artists we are


Thanks for your comment...Libby will post it soon!